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FORESTS FOR ALL is a delightful book that explains to children the vital role forests and forestry play in everyday life. It is fun, interactive, and delivers a balanced message. The book is full of fun characters children will love. Every page has color illustrations or beautiful photographs. (Examples of both can be seen on our description page).

Bo The Bull Elk and J.D. Beaver, along with some lovable forest friends and a couple of loggers, explain to children that forests, forest management and forest products greatly enhance their everyday lives (even if they live nowhere near a forest).

For their own benefit and for the benefit of future generations, children need to learn how to protect the environment. But that doesn’t mean kids can’t have fun and giggle while they learn.

Wood is an amazing material. It is natural, sustainable and renewable. Environmentally, it is the best building product on earth. It stores carbon in trees and wood products. Along with providing homes for animals and people, trees provide clean water, recreational opportunities and numerous other benefits. And they do so at no cost to us.

FORESTS FOR ALL teaches children all this and much more. It is written and illustrated in a fun, engaging style that encourages kids (k-12) to want to read the book over and over again.